Friday, December 31, 2010

Beingness and Doingness

The truly generous do not even think of the word generous. When one lives it, one does not think of it.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Choosing to Be

By simply choosing to be, the sage takes responsibility, knowingly.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To be Just

Aristocracy is the rule of the Nobles. To rule, one must have wisdom for it is wisdom that dictates justice. To be just, one must be impeccable.To be impeccable, one must be ethical. To be ethical,one must first be strong.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Saturday, December 18, 2010

In Search of Forever

It is in the search of forever that one finds the NOW, in accepting mortality that one finds immortality, and in giving up hope that one finds love.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Sage Sits in Stillness

The Sage sits in stillness, only as a matter of discipline, for in him there is no more desire left. He watches the flux of phenomena, but is unmoved by it. Sitting still, he commands the wind.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Beyond the Sea of Suffering

Beyond the sea of suffering, Samsara, lies the shore of liberation, Nirvana. The sage stands firmly where the sea meets the shore.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Past, Present and Future

The past is gone, the future is yet to come, and to predict the future is unwise for it is both fluid and dynamic. Even at the present, we only catch a glimpse of the now. Therefore that fraction that we see is a magical moment. A point in time when we were fully present.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Illumined Mind

The confused mind seeks consistency, the illumined mind flows. Like the wind, it is free. Like water, it flows. Like the earth, it is solid. Like fire, it burns, but only with the deepest compassion and generosity.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Greatly Cultivated Man

The greatly cultivated man is not blind to causation for he is causation. He is not bound by the conventions of common moral philosophy,not tied to any religion,not shackled by the past nor mesmerized by the future.

He is fully in the now for he knows that the NOW is the sum total of everything that was, is, and will ever be.

As he no longer identifies with either the mind or the body, there is nothing in this world that can trap him without his permission.

As willingly and knowingly he can walk into a trap, he can just as easily walk out of it.

He dances, the dance of illusion, gracefully, fully and joyously, when he chooses.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

The Caged Bird

Once there was a man and he had a bird that could sing, for it was a magical bird. Indeed, its songs were beautiful, and every time he felt sad, the bird would sing to him and he would feel better and he was happy.

And when he left for work he would leave the cage door open so that the bird could come and go as it pleased.

It always came before he came home and he would always see the bird asleep with the cage door closed,for it flew into the heavens when he was gone and although it could sing, it could not speak to him about the worlds that it visited. And even if it could not speak, it enjoyed listening to the man telling it of his day.

And every once in a while, he did. But he was busy in the outside world, and he neglected the bird. Sometimes he would not come home and there would be no food nor water for the bird, but the man assumed that it could get nourished on its own, after all, it was a magical bird.

But it was not the water nor the food that nourished the bird, it was the love that came with the food when the man fed it that kept it alive in this physical world.

One day, the bird did not come back and the man was very sad. For he knew it was not coming back, and for the first time he realized that it was not the food that nourished the bird. And he knew it left because although he loved it, he neglected it.

And then one day, from nowhere he met a woman. And he knew it was the bird. And the woman told him "It is I. I flew into the heavens and I was not coming back, but your love brought me back, in another form, so you would never be alone again, for I will always be with you until we are released from these bodies, and we can fly into the heavens, together.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Friday, November 19, 2010

Only in No Seeking

We find, when we no longer seek. For as long as we seek, the veil of illusion will always prevent us from seeing. The very search is one big illusion.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Thursday, November 18, 2010

No Missed Opportunities

Because the sage knows that time is a continuum, made linear only by the conditioned mind, he does not concern himself with the past and the future. He lives in the NOW where past, present and future converge. This moment is where everything is.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Lotus Blooms in the Mud

The lotus thrives and blooms in the mud, untouched by it. It may appear muddied but it isn't. So a heart once perfected can appear bruised but is not. For it knows it is one with all,reflecting only the joys and sorrows of the world itself encompassing all of it, untouched by it.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Cost of Freedom

We pay for freedom with freedom. We are no longer free to be who we once thought we were and that realization comes with enormous responsibility. There is no other way.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

The Eagle Flies Alone

The eagle flies alone, not because it cannot love, but because it cannot bear the separation between itself and its loved ones. For it knows that parting is inevitable. Therefore, after mating and giving birth to an offspring, it lives alone and dies alone. It is impossible to tell, unless you live in her world.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Friday, November 12, 2010

To Cage a Panther

One can capture and cage a panther. To cage it is one thing, to subdue it another, and to befriend it and live with it quite another.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

No Permanent Agreements

Where there are no permanent agreements, there can be no disappointments. Impermanence is the nature of all phenomena.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Thursday, November 11, 2010

To Know, There is No Need to Understand

To understand, one exercises the intellect. To know, there is no need to understand. To know anything is to know everything. That is why it is said "Know that by knowing which everything else is known." When you know, then "To be" can be a choice.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Who is Free

One who is free no longer thinks of bondage and freedom for he lives it simultaneously. He is as free as the wind and as shackled as those whom he tries to help. In him, there no longer exists the dichotomies of good and evil, love and hate, saint and sinner. They are one and the same.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Truth

When one speaks the truth, as it is, there is neither affirmation nor negation. Only beingness.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson


Before a single word is uttered,before your hands touch a keyboard, your thought has already been transmitted.Communication begins in thought.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Battlefield That is the Mind

There is no master more ruthless, no jungle more wild, and no fire more fierce and consuming than the reactive mind. Therefore the battlefield of the mind is the only one we have to conquer, the only prison we have to walk out of, and then we can realize we have always been free. Freedom is the true nature of our being.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Beautiful Sadness of Responsibility

Jesus wept. If it were possible for Him to bring us all up, if it were possible for the Buddha to awaken us all, they would have done so.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is Yours will Always Be Yours

What is yours by grand design will always be yours. So never grieve the loss of a material thing or a relationship. It was perfect for you to have whatever it is at that time. It was necessary for your own growth and for that person's growth.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Of Free Will and God's Design

That there is a straight line between two points is a mathematical truth. Free will allows us to take as many loops as we like to get from one point to the other. The straight line is the shortest but it takes a strong will and a lot of discipline to get there. Regardless, all roads lead to God.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Thus When We Pray

Thus when we pray, we ask only for a pure heart. For with it comes the Wisdom that is of Solomon's, the Faith of the saints and sages, of Isaac, Abraham, Moses,David, the Centurion, the compassion of Jesus Christ, the peace born of the Holy Spirit and the Unconditional Love that is God.

© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson

Fundamental Aloneness

I remember reading this from "The Myth of Freedom" By Chogyam Trungpa "The view from the top is awesome and as an occasional tourist one delights in it, but no one wants to live in such desolate places. It is terrifying, lonely." It is.
It is lonely. You want to take others with you to keep you company.It is a basic human need, but one cannot. We each have to bear our crosses, we each have to realize who we are and no one can take us there. No one. We have to do the work ourselves.


© 2010 by Melinda M. Sorensson